View Full Version : Help with Windows XP dual boot

2013-04-09, 15:31
Whats up

Can some of the geniuses unlike myself help with instructions on how to extract the Kali boot sector into file onto my windows partition? please

I need to do this in order to add it to my boot.ini file so the windows bootloader will give me an option for Kali

Should end up with a file something like "kali.bin" (no idea how to find/create this and access it from parted magic, for example) which I can add to the bottom of boot.ini in XP with c:\kali.bin="Kali Linux 1.0.2"


2013-04-10, 17:11
The Windows boot loader cannot read ext3, ext4 or any linux partition, unless you are using UEFI-GPT hard drive.

Sorry, ntloader and bootmgr cannot read linux filesystems.