View Full Version : vpn for kali in iran

2023-08-22, 15:30
I use Kali on a virtual machine. I need a VPN to configure it in Iran. I would be grateful if you could help me.

2024-03-05, 10:44
What do you mean by you need a VPN to use in Iran?

You need to purchase a VPN package with a provider or you need to set up your own VPN which will require things like,

VPS or Dedicated Server to host VPN software
You will need to know how to configure it
May need to contact and ISP to advise what your are doing

To be fair you may aswell buy something like NordVPN because It seems that you will not have the technical expertise to do this (I would also not be able to set my own up) before people say i'm being shitty

Good Luck