View Full Version : inject amd gpu driver to kali-linux "live" iso so it works on first boot up in live enviroment?

2023-08-25, 14:35
i have a amd 5600x cpu and 6900xt gpu.
i want to use "hashcat" with gpu acceleration when i boot the kali live usb iso.
this question is not about hashcat.
this question is about having gpu acceleration upon booting into live enviroment.

i have searched google and results take me to the kali forums but when i search the forums i cant find anything or im missing it.

any help would be appreciated.

Fred Sheehan
2023-09-26, 17:33
Then you will need to create a new 'Live' ISO image with your chosen config baked in.
Read the Kali docs, you need to boot live system, add all drivers and firmware needed to run your hardware, then create a new ISO image from your now updated 'live' running system.
Burn this new image to USB and next time you boot from the new USB, its ready to go.