View Full Version : Something more powerfull than Nmap to show info about some device ?

2023-08-27, 14:09
arp -a is displaying a device in my network that I cant't physically find

It displays tjhe MAC address , the IP address and the brand name - TP LINK

The IP does respond to ping (icmp ping can be disabled or firewalled)

Opening the browser and displaying the IP shows nothing

I tried to use, without success:
-searching the MAC in my software inventory - in tplink network adapters
-going in each room and check it there's an TPLINK USB Adapter or TPLINK wifi router with this MAC
-advanced port scanner - no port open
-nmap - no port open and no additional info about the device
nmap -O -Pn <ipnumber>
nmap -O -A -osscan-guess -Pn <ipnumber>

How to find more details about the device and find the device's MODEL or the device's OS name ?

Wireshark software can help in this case ?

Kali Linux has some tool that I can use ? Which one ?

2023-09-02, 03:51
Wire shark can if you can see where that ip is talking to may give you an idea what it is.