View Full Version : Install kai-linux acer aspire

2013-05-23, 16:41

I have an Intel® Core™ i3-380M (2.53GHz and i read on the forum for an config Intel (R) Core (TM) i7 960 CPU@3.20GHz. we could download i386 or amd64.

this is true for you it me? And between the two which may pose less of a problem?

Thank you for your answers ^^: O

2013-05-23, 23:02
Depends. Do you want a 64 bit edition or 32 bit? That's what the difference is. 32 bit has a limitation of 4Gb of memory. So if you have more than that (Total memory, not just RAM) and you want to utilize it, then go 64.
Make sense?

2013-05-25, 16:06
Your processor is 64bit, so use 64 bit version, altough you can use 32 bit version as well in which case your pc will need to have the PAE feature to be enabled due to RAM limitations (32bit = MAx RAM 3gb).

So do as daedalus is posting.