View Full Version : WiFi Channel 105?!!

2013-05-23, 19:40
Can anyone enlighten me as to what AP or device with the BSSID 00:0C:43:92:50:41 would use a wifi channel of 105? The ESSID was hidden too but had a length of 0 so I think there was no ESSID.

The signal strength of this AP was stronger than all the other APs nearby... When I tried to monitor this particular BSSID with the command airodump-ng mon0 --bssid 00:0C:43:92:50:41, nothing showed up as it couldn't monitor channel 105...

Weird... any idea? thanks!

2013-05-24, 08:11
this kind of information (channel number, enryption type, ESSID,...) are present in beacons. In your screenshot i see that airodump-ng did not capture any beacon...