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2013-05-25, 13:22
talking script !!this script talks and ---->

update the system
start airmon-ng on monitor mode
start airodump-ng
i hope someone like it

this scripts works only if you have instaled festival...

here is how to install it!!!
aptitude install festival festival-freebsoft-utils

Test festival:
echo "Hello World"| festival --tts

To change voice to a female:

cd /usr/share/festival/voices/english/

wget -c http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/cmu_arctic/packed/cmu_us_clb_arctic-0.95-release.tar.bz2

tar jxf cmu_us_clb_arctic-0.95-release.tar.bz2

ln -s cmu_us_clb_arctic cmu_us_clb_arctic_clunits

dont forget to make the script executable chmod +x (script) !!thk you

2013-05-27, 12:07
good job :D (eisai megalo @lani)

2013-07-22, 03:21
thank you for this! I am very new to Linux and really am loving all that I am learning. I added some reaver start options to your script with individual known ESSID's in the neighborhood and now I can do everything from your script. I have never written or even edited a script before and although a simple one, it was really fun doing it. I will be using this format you have provided for future projects to simplfy tasks all the while adding to it different commands. Thanks again!

2013-07-26, 11:21
thks(geia sou re arxhgopoulo ZARTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i m happy that someone likes my script ...its not a master peace but is somethink....and yes dstoler make my script better!!!!!!can you show me what you did?