View Full Version : How to change wordlists in Kali

2024-03-18, 10:02
How can I change the wordlist in Kali from the one it uses at present to a list I've made myself with one of the word generators I found on Github.

I've been running Wifite on a regular basis to get to know how it works. I'm using one of my own laptops with a different service provider as the target machine with a fairly easy password and yet Kali can't find it.

I run Kali on a Raspberry Pi 4 as it keeps me alert at 80, something different to do than playing dominos at the over 50s club.

Thanks a lot.


2024-03-21, 10:06
While wai8ting for some one to anser my question I figured it out my self or rather ChatGPT 4 helped me a little (a lot).