View Full Version : Kali on Galaxy Note 10.1

2013-05-28, 01:35
So I'm several steps into the installation process here and was hoping someone else could give me some clarification on a problem before I continue.

In step 4,5, and 6 it mentions either creating or copying files to the "root directory of the internal SD storage", which I take to mean / The problem is, every time I try to write to the root directory I get an error like "can't create '/foo.bar': read only-file system" Now, I can write to /sdcard which is where I have my linux.img, recovery.img, and recovery.img_orig located.

So my question is, am I supposed to be copying all this to the root of the storage card, i.e. /sdcard, or to root, i.e. /

If it's the latter, then why can't I write to that dir? Is this unique to me or am I doing something wrong? I do have privileges elevated to superuser.

root@andorid:/sdcard # cp linux.img /
cp: can't create '/linux.img': Read-only file system
1|root@android:/sdcard # cd ..
1|root@android:/ # dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=recovery.img_orig
recovery.img_orig: cannot open for write: Read-only file system

2013-09-01, 18:20
You have to install busy box from the play store and when you open the app, grant it superuser permission. An initial scan will run and when it does, touch the drop down arrow on the middle left side of the screen and then scroll down till you see "dd" and check the unchecked box. After that, touch "install" in the bottom left side of the screen and touch "smart install." Once the installation completes you can open up which every terminal emulator you use and run the dd commands again and it shouldn't have any issue accessing that read-only file system.