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2013-04-10, 20:33
If your graphics card doesn't support 3d-acceleration, Gnome 3 automatically runs the fallback-mode (Kali's Default mode) So instead of the "pretty" Gnome-Shell and Mutter you get the old Metacity and Gnome-panel.

To get your current value,open a terminal and run:

gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name

To change it run:

dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session session-name 'gnome'

Then reboot and login.

Took me ages to find this out :)

2013-04-15, 00:10
Wow! thanks for sharing this one. -- svx

2013-04-16, 18:46
good stuff :)

The Prophet
2013-04-17, 18:42
How doe's one go about reversing this process if they follow your guide? As i find this pretty "Gnome-Shell" is not very productive while pentesting.

2013-04-17, 19:58
to revert back to the default gnome fallback just run

dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session session-name 'gnome-fallback'

2013-04-18, 16:09
Thanks for the info.

The 'pretty' Gnome-Shell is just a little too busy for me especially when pentesting.

Went back to the fall-back version, by the way thanks for that.........

2013-04-19, 14:54
How doe's one go about reversing this process if they follow your guide? As i find this pretty "Gnome-Shell" is not very productive while pentesting.

Well you did "gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name" to check the original setting. So use "dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session session-name '<original setting>' " to switch it back.

2014-08-21, 18:47
Hey, so I did this and it works great.
But one problem: I have the DeLorean theme installed and it partially works on applications, but the theme doesn't work when I use the file manager.
Any ideas on this? Been Googling the whole day and I still can't seem to find the answer :/

2014-09-11, 01:28
Hey... Thanks for these tips on getting the latest gnome running.... However. RaderCad said it isn't really conducive to pen-testing and the "classic-gnome" or the gnome-fallback seems to work better.

However, one part about the full gnome I really did like is the side-bar menu "dock"? (or is it called "dash"?...I have been trying to figure it out). It looks just like a dock app like Cairo... but I was wondering if there was a way through dconf or gconf to enable this menu. Also, as the full gnome also appears a little more "snappy" (but this could be a mirage), is there any way to adjust settings in dconf or gconf to add any other features of full gnome but without going to the very unconventional desktop setup (without the application menus at the top or on a panel somewhere)???

Thanks in advance!!


2014-11-07, 17:56
I've spent the last few days trying (without success) to install Nvidia drivers just for this..

Thank you.


2015-05-04, 06:07
I tried i as you told setting the session-name .
But still it is failed to laod the gnome 3, it is displaying some error liked failed to laod the gnome 3 because you driver is not supporting 3D acceleration .

When i checked the session name it is showing 'gnome' and it is using guallium in fallback mode.

by the way i installed new version of kali 1.1.0 and i am using Core i5 with intel graphics 4400.

please help me thank you.

2015-10-11, 05:47
it still dosent help i cant acess terminal only way i can if i do sudo enter-chroot -n gnome and it puts me in fallback

2016-05-17, 14:12
How to using gnome fallback in kali linux rolling 2016......because there is only shown Gnome, Gnome Classic, and Gnome on Wayland. There is no Gnome fallback in the list...pls help me ^_^