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2013-05-29, 01:32
Ok, so when I log into Kali it tells me I have 0 hard disk space left....
I am running it alongside Windows 7.

Is it possible to allocate more space to the partition or do I have to uninstall it and start over?
Next question is if I have to uninstall it. It is set to boot from grub and of course lists Windows so I can log in there. If I delete the partitions from the windows side will it cause trouble with Grub and make me unable to log into windows?

Thanks in advance,

2013-05-29, 09:08
I suggest you boot up using a kali live CD and use GPARTED to resize your partion.

2013-05-29, 09:36
I suggest you boot up using a kali live CD and use GPARTED to resize your partion.
This is my suggestion as well., A benefit of using this route is that it should keep all your data intact. As a precaution, I would like to add a recommendation to backup any important files before hand.

2013-05-30, 12:25
In a such case, before any action, the first thing to do is to save your data. As a working OS, or mounted as an extra HD to another box, or any other solution but save your data !

In your situation, the best starting point is a Live-CD, you can find one easily searching the web.
You can find one in the Kali website, or in the Debian website : http://www.debian.org/CD/live/

The previous answers speak about GParted, and I add lvm (Logical Volume Manager). It’s a classic command line application, and you should find easily some howtos.

2013-06-12, 03:05
Can I use it from the Usb?

2013-06-12, 03:12
Can I run it live from UsB like when i did the install?

2013-06-12, 23:39
Yes, the USB will work just like a live cd.

2013-06-13, 15:53
So long as you have enough space to resize the partition, the above answers should be of help to you.