View Full Version : AMD Catalyst Mobility Radeon HD 7770 driver

2013-05-31, 14:01
Hey, I have a triple monitor setup. I have recently installed Kali Linux on a dual boot with Window 7. However when I boot in Kali Linux, I cannot boot in as it takes forever to boot. But when I remove my other displays I am able to boot into Kali Linux. I have realized that I do not have the AMD Catalyst Mobility Radeon HD 7770 driver installed. I tried looking around ways on installing it but was never successful. Any help, advice or guidance is very much appreciated. Cheers

2013-05-31, 16:33
Are you using the 32 bits or 64 bits version of KALI ?

2013-06-03, 10:59
Sorry. I am using 64-bit KALI. Please Advice.