View Full Version : headphone jack sound

2013-05-31, 15:46
Sorry if this is in the wrong place, Im a noob here. (yes I did search)

Anyway I just installed kali and it seems to work quite well. The only minor problem I am having is with the sound. When i watch a video it works fine however if i plug in headphones there is no sound. Im sure it is just a problem with kali not recognizing my headphones or something simple like that. Is there a place I can configure this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

2013-06-02, 03:25
I remember another user had this problem. (not that it might be related though) His solution was he discovered the headphones physical mute toggle/switch was on backwards. Also, make sure its not the headphones them selves. Also double check the mixer, that maybe its not muting the sound or anything simple like that. It should be a simple issue since you can hear sound with out the headphones.