View Full Version : How to setup file sharing/server between Kali and Windows 7 on dual boot machine.

2013-06-02, 15:29
I am pretty new to Linux, 2 years, so bare with me. I was wondering if there is a method to setup file sharing/file server (Samba) between Kali and Windows 7 on my dual-boot machine? I had a setup on a machine running Ubuntu and Windows 7 a year ago, but seeing as Kali is a bit different I was wondering if anyone out there knew if and how I could do that. I could not find anything by "googling" the subject and there was nothing that I found in forums or the Kali documentation for this site. Or I do not understand the computer jargon, and overlooked something somewhere.

Basically I am trying to keep an eye on my Windows 7 OS and to make sure it is as secured as humanly possible. I am assuming that I can use some of the tools in Kali to check for any possible problems I may have with Windows 7; granted Windows is a problem in and of itself but that is another conversation. I mostly use it for iTunes and some small online shopping every now and then. Any help would be much appreciated!

2013-06-13, 14:11
If you are dual booting both kali and Windows 7 on the same machine, then whats the point of samba? You did not indicate whether or not virtualization was implemented, but i would imagine that if you had one OS running virtualized (vmware, virtualbox, etc.)then it is definitely possible to setup samba. Maybe you can elaborate a little bit more?

2013-06-13, 15:34
Right. While dual booting, the Windows 7 HDD should show up in the Dolphin Explorer. From there you can explore all the files located in that partition (copy/rename/overwrite etc). Though by "keeping it secure" is a little vague by what you mean? However, if you use your windows 7, seeing the files in Kali partition takes a little extra work (the files system is not natively supported - thus doesn't show up in windows explorer) .