View Full Version : install on lenovo t61 (black screen fix)

2013-03-15, 16:55
I used a usb drive made with unetbootin.

Got the black screen no matter what option i chose. So i did some googling.

start the laptop
press f12
choose device
press down to graphical install then tab then change vga:xxx to 791

it worked!

2013-03-16, 01:06
Why didn't you just read the Kali docs directly?


2013-03-25, 15:01
First of all, thank you to all who post and help people here. I am somewhat new to all this - especially linux. I followed the docs precisely for the live usb install and am having the same problem on an HP Pavilion dm4-1164nr... I get the initial boot menu then the screen goes black. I tried changing vga to 791 by pressing tab, but it is not helping... I have the same problem with Backtrack. I have read the posts there too, and none of the fixes (forcevesa, etc) seem to work for me. I do apologize if there is already a post that describes a known fix I am looking... any help is appreciated. Please let me know if I need to provide any more information. I am new to posting in the forums. Thank you in advance.

*** UPDATE and FIX ***

For me at least, turning the brightness up using the laptop function key fixes it. Not sure *why* it is happening, but maybe this is a solution for others as well!