View Full Version : install kali in a partition

2013-06-06, 15:34
i have a 120 hdd disc space with 4 partitions
Disc C contain system xp sp3
and 1 partition for data
2 partition 17 Gega ans 33 Gega are free

when i launched a cd kali and begin install i choose manual install but after this step i have a trouble
i can t install kali cause a message appear saying no partition used
pleaz someone help

2013-06-07, 06:27
freeidea, right click my computer, manage, disk management, make sure your D (data) partition is right next to the C, it should be, if there are any other partitions delete them. Insert your kali install disc for boot.
Here's the install guide: http://docs.kali.org/installation/dual-boot-kali-with-windows


2013-06-08, 23:42
Ok, here is the deal:
Partition 1 ===== XP SP3
Partition 2 ===== Data
Partition 3 ===== Empty (17 Gb)
Partition 4 ===== Empty (17 Gb)
Partition 5 ===== Empty (33 Gb)

You can delete partitions 3,4 and 5 and create 1 big partition or create 2 partitions of 34 and 33 Gb respectivley. Then set up the filesystem as ext4 and that is all. Do not forget to create One more partition for the swap (about 3 gb)

When installing kai, it will see partitions 1, 2 , 3 and 4 (plus the swap partition) or 1, 2, and 3 (plus the swap partition), depending on your desicion as adviced above.

Use the Text Mode installation from GRUB Menu...

Use gparted to create and/or delete partitions.

Linux grub won't see any partition without filesystem on it.