View Full Version : Getting blank screen and blinking cursor problems

2013-06-07, 15:12
I am trying to set up my old laptop for a bachelors course and so far I'm having trouble. I'm having blank screen or a blinking cursor whenever I boot kali linux up from a thumb drive. My laptop is a Toshiba L755d-S5218 with an AMD apu. I have tried to run from live forensic mode, default mode, hardware test mode and even tried to graphical install where it seemed to hang up. What I'm trying to do is set up my laptop for dual booting, windows 7 on one side with kali on the other. What can I do to get this working?

2013-06-10, 08:54
What is your video card ?

2013-06-27, 18:58
I receive the same error when booting/rebooting from hard drive. I have to power off manually and restart several times to reach the login.
Dual boot with Win7 64-bit and Kali 64-bit (XPS L702x; NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M).