View Full Version : Unable to connect to wireless routers network manager keeps saying "authentication re

2013-06-09, 03:51
hello everyone,
i need your help to make network manager connect to wireless routers....i have used backtrack 5 r3, windows XP and windows 7 i have connected without any problems to many of network wpa protected and even open networks. i have sucessfully installed kali linux 1.0.3 on a separate hard drive. whenever i tried connecting to a networks it keeps trying to connect then it gaves an "authentication required" . i am using the alfa awuso36nh adapter. does kali have the right drivers for this adapter?....i used airodump-ng to determine whether my adapter is probing or associated with the networks but did not notice any association nor probes. i also used dmesg which gaves timeout messages.i check airmon-ng services only wpa supplicant is there running.

2013-06-10, 02:37
you posted in a wrong place kindly post your thread in Kali Linux General Use or Kali Linux Troubleshooting.