View Full Version : MultiBoot Windows 8 / Kali Linux 1.0.3 - Stuck on Grub Loading

2013-06-11, 16:31
Hello everyone,

I've tried to install Kali on multiboot with Windows 8, the install was a success, I have followed the thread on docs.kali. Both OS were booting successfully.
When I went back on Windows 8, I’ve done an anti-virus scan with Microsoft Security Essential and then, at reboot, I got stuck on “Grub Loading”.
Let’s have a look on my actual configuration:
- 1 SSD -> Windows 8 / Kali Linux
- 2 HDD with RAID 0 -> My Data
How can I fix that problem ?


2013-06-12, 06:55
What do you mean by stuck on “Grub Loading” ?