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2013-06-20, 13:14
hey guys!!

i am entirely new to this operating system (kali as well as linux)
when i followed kali official support for installing kali 1 on hdd i got hung up with a problem...
while the partitoin process, there is a error kinda thing (a warning symbol) left to my file system ntfs...
i could neither proceed with it nor resize the disk.....
and i see only 4 partitions.....
and my other remaining partitions are missing...

My laptop hp pavilion dm4 2165dx...

640gb hdd
intel i3
8gb ram
win8 pro
all disks shows dynamic when i see it from disk management in windows...

can any genius solve or find a solution for the PROBLEM!!!!

2013-06-21, 09:42
There are any number of possibilities that might be preventing you from getting further in the install than what you are expecting. I do see you have Windows 8 installed, it is possible your machine is using the UEFI bootloader? If so, it takes a bit more to get Kali to install on your machine. Just a recommendation, I know Linux is very tempting to learn, might like to suggest Ubuntu or Mint as they are very user friendly (subjectively/comparatively) than Kali, and all the tools in Kali can easily be installed in those distros.
May want to look at this post: http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?271-How-to-EFI-install-Kali-Linux

2013-06-21, 16:42
I used win32 for making live USB as posted in Dual boot Thread but there it says open gparted and resize a partition but if I have 2 partition 1 of 50 GB (empty space) and 2 of 100 GB (empty space) but I have data in 2nd partition so what should I do to dual boot also I have 2 partition of 50-50 GB but Kali is showing them 54-54 GB partition.

Please Help