View Full Version : Installing Kali on a flash drive OR alongside windows 8 on a ASUS g75vx

2013-06-21, 02:04
So, I have this UEFI laptop with Windows 8 on it. https://www.asus.com/ROG_ROG/G75VX/

With what I've done so far, nothing have worked. I'm about to just give up on installing it and either installing it or running it from a live flash drive.

Would installing it to a flash drive work? If not I'll just use it as a live usb flash drive.

Also what is persistence? I would be using this 32 gb flash drive:

Sorry for being so dumb on this matter.

2013-06-21, 09:47
By default when you make a Live CD/USB any information you add or change will revert and not be saved upon reboot. For example, you download a file, after you reboot the file will be gone. Same goes with system settings, like if you change the background, upon reboot it will be back to default. With persistence, that means your changes will be saved as well as data you save (like if were installed normally on a hard drive) As for the UEFI, many users are also having trouble as you are. There have been a few who seem to have got it to work, but takes many additional steps to get it to work. I've seen a few thread here discussing it, not sure if anyone has been truly successful with Kali and Windows 8?

PS Forgot to mention, by nature of CD's and DVD's Persistence does not work.
May also want to look at this post: http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?271-How-to-EFI-install-Kali-Linux