View Full Version : How to install Kali Linux in an encrypted LVM on a USB stick?

2013-06-22, 01:35
Hi everyone,

I've tried a couple of times installing Kali Linux in an encrypted LVM on my 16 GB USB stick, unfortunately after installing also GRUB2 I wasn't able to boot my encrypted Windows 7 partition anymore, since GRUB2 didn't recognize it...so basically I had to reinstall Windows and encrypt it again, because I didn't know how to disable / delete GRUB2.

Thanks to the thread "Encrypted LVM install fails to boot [SOLVED] (http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?5753-Encrypted-LVM-install-fails-to-boot)" I know now how to boot an encrypted LVM partition.

So, what I'd like to ask is, if someone'd tried something similiar and got it to work.

I'd like to have a small /boot partition for GRUB2 on (in my case) /dev/sdc, the rest would be for Kali Linux and the encrypted LVM.

When I use gparted to create a /boot partition of 500 MB (is it enough or should it be bigger / smaller?) do I have to leave it unformatted? Since I assume the installation of GRUB2 would choose automatically the correct filesystem. The Guided encrypted LVM installation option wants to use the whole stick...how to set it up manually?

I'm deeply sorry for my bad English and also deeply grateful for any piece of advice.

With kind regards,