View Full Version : Now you see me now you dont - My home LAN.

2013-06-22, 05:57
Just something I noticed about Kali Linux I love the OS but apparently there is a slight issue with the LAN and connecting to my windows box to run media files out of. sometimes it showes up in the LAN sometimes it does not. This also applies to everything on my network

Any tips or tricks on this matter?

2013-06-22, 20:32
That still did not work. But it was good as I needed to update my system anyway. - Thanks for the tip!

2013-06-23, 07:04
I came up with a workaround to this issue using nmap and server connection
Tutorial here - Take a look! :) (http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?17795-Workaround-The-case-of-the-Vanishing-LAN-Connecting-to-windows-share)