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2013-06-22, 17:22

I am using windows 8 and installed Kali on USB with help of Windsk32.
Want to Dual boot with windows.
I have 3 Drive Partition :- 50(windows installed),50(empty),190(My Data).
I wanted to install Kali in my 2 Partition of 50 GB empty while installing I'm selecting Manual selection for drives after that I selected that part for EXT4 after that it is showing "no drive for root".
Can anybody Please Help me.

Divik Rastogi

2013-06-24, 13:44
Is it encrypted?...Does the partition complies with filesystem type? Swap partition?..The data partition is ext4 or ntfs?...Haveyou check the drive map with fdisk -l when in live mode?

Is it bios-mbr or efi-gpt

Need to post more info like the fdisk -l output.


2013-06-24, 13:58
It is done can you help me with other problem as I installed Kali with user name KY bu it is not login in instead of my user it is showing click option on "other" only if I use that other option and entering my username and password saying Authentication Failure.


2013-08-02, 12:03
Login: root
Passworld: you password

2013-08-02, 15:05
Login: root
Passworld: you password

Ya I already got that by trying again and again.
But Thanks for help