View Full Version : Dual boot Windows 7 problem with USB

2013-06-23, 02:43
Hello everyone I'm very new to this so please excuse me if I'm not PC, but this is what I ran into. After making a bootable USB and imaging Kali, I try to run it from my boot screen which is fine, after I select one of the "live" options, it will load and then go to a black screen with just a courser. Not sure what to do now, if I need GRUB or not.

2013-06-24, 03:16
Real quick I didn't add my hardware:

Toshiba satellite L755D
AMD A4-3305M APU with Radeon hd graphics 1.90 ghz

4 GB ram

64- bit

2013-06-24, 06:06
Now its freezing on detecting network device. One of the problems I ran into was wrong architecture when I downloaded kali the first time. I now have the right architecture.

2013-06-24, 13:21
Are you still having the Black screen issue? Need to be more specific.

Why do you say when detecting my network device?..What command are you using? Are you saying during installation?

The black screen sounds to me like a video issue.

Please post what you're doing, please, this way help will get to you much more accurate.

I've run 32bit distros (Debian squeeze, wheezy and now testing) in 64bit system without any issue...Perhaps your first download was corrupted..Did you checked the SHA1 chaecksum the first time?..

What method did you use to make USB bootable?..Use the wiki method with dd command.

2013-06-24, 15:03
Sorry I'm typing this on my phone. I used win32 to to image. The kali boot menu came up fine and I tryed a graphic install and that's when it froze on the detecting network device during the installation.

I downloaded the amd 64