View Full Version : Workaround: The case of the Vanishing LAN - Connecting to windows share

2013-06-23, 03:06
A simple and effective workaround to the "Vanishing LAN" bug/glitch in Kali Linux.

NOTE: This tutorial is only for connecting to a windows share. As such you must have one set up before you go to far!

Here is how it works:

Step 1. Use namp to find the hostname of the computer you want to connect to.
- sudo nmap -sF or <YourGatewayIP>/24

Step 2. Find the computer in question VIA its hostname - Keep the LAN IP handy
- for sake of argument here is an example IP:

Step 3. Go to the top bar in Kali and click places. Find network in the list and click on "Connect to Server..."

Step 4. A box should show up with blank text fields.
Next to Server type in the IP of the computer in question.
-- Dont worry about the port.

step 5. In the dropdown menu for Type Select "Windows Share"

Step 6. At the bottom of the window fill in the options:
- Domain name (Workgroup)
- Username
- Password
Then click "Connect"

Step 7. It will ask you for username and password again. Enter it
- Keeping the password stored is up to you.

Step 8. In the sidebar of the file manager that comes up find network
and right click the <Drivename> on <serverIP>
Click bookmark.

Now you will have an always ready to go connection to your home media server or
file storage or whatever else you keep on that IP.

-Hope you found this useful!