View Full Version : Is it possible to dual boot kali with windows 8 (x64) ?

Sunbir Ahammed
2013-06-25, 05:58
I had downloaded kali i386 . When I tried to install , it says i386 is not supported by my pc .
Then i downloaded kali amd64 . I burned it in a dvd but boot options does't appeared while restarting .
Then i run setup and it says '' This program doesn't support Windows 6.2.9200 SP0 yet . ''

What should I do now to dual boot Kali Linux with Windows 8 PRO 64bit ........

Plz someone Help...........

My PC Config -
Processor : Intell core i5 3.20 GHz
Mother Board : Intell DH55PJ
RAM : 6 GB
OS : Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (6.2,build 9200)

2013-06-27, 17:37
Is legacy boot enabled?

Sunbir Ahammed
2013-06-28, 10:38
Is legacy boot enabled?

UEFI is disabled but i found no legacy boot option .

[ During restart boot option appears for windows 8 & 7 ]

2013-07-07, 12:22
Did you find a solution? I can start kali with my usb drive but want to create a dualboot with windows 8. I noticed a lot of trouble with other kali dualbooters so is it recommended to do this or not? Greetz!

2013-07-11, 17:13
If UEFI is disabled, it means that Legacy will be the default setup (bios-mbr). Otherwise, it just won't boot.