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2013-06-25, 21:47
I installed kali on my hp pavilion dv6, I followed some instructions on a website called LinuxBSDos.com called Dual-boot Windows 7 and Kali Linux. I went to boot up after finishing the install hoping to boot to windows and use EasyBCD add an entry to get a nifty boot up between kali and win7.

It didn't go so well, it booted to missing operating system, it would not boot to either partition, I freaked and downloaded the first boot-repair-disk I could find and try to repair it.....at this point I think I really buggered the boot files or disk.

So I go ahead and format and repartition the different partitions into one free space again and do a full basic kali install letting it do the partitioning etc, and boot to grub where it boots to Kali just fine, it will not boot into either windows7 option, it will seem like its booting and show the windows7 logo a bit of loading then a quick blue screen and back to the beginning asking me to repair it. I do not have a windows cd.

I can see the windows drive and all my files through my kali install. Is there a way to download and replace some files or edit them through kali into that partitions windows boot files, and fix it that way or do I need to boot with a windows boot repair utility, I would like to repair it without backing up the files and reinstalling, as I do not have a windows cd, although I could prob download one.

I am a noob at the linux environment....just a heads up. I am learning, just getting frustrated with this dual boot thing....

2013-06-26, 10:13
Fortunately it sounds like your windows drive files are still safe from what you described. First, before you try anything else, I'd like to recommend that you go ahead and try to save as much of your important data before preceding. Fortunately you can do this while you are in the live environment of Kali, or in the installed of Kali. Data like photos, documents, mp3s, etc. Stuff you don't want to lose just as a precaution. From there, you can try several methods to 'repair' your windows install. And hopefully its something simple like a fix in the file system that is preventing it from booting properly.

When you select boot to windows from grub, you should be able to F8 into safe mode.. You shouldn't need a windows setup disk. If you can get into safe mode, then things should be at the very least salvageable from there. Log into an account, Click the Start icon, Type: System Restore, Follow the System Restore wizard.

Now often times this procedure will not work.. Which it sounds like it might be your case from the missing operating system statement you mentioned. If the above doesn't do the trick you may have to do a little extra work. But I believe you will have to make a Installation DVD/USB (I prefer the USB method but DVD will more likely be more compatible). If you do take this route, follow this guide to take you through the rest of the steps:

If all else fails, you may have to bite the bullet and start fresh. (After backing up your data of course) Try following the instructions in this link about a quarter of the way: "Recovery from the startup screen (during system boot)"

I hope this solves your issues. Once you get everything back in working order you can re attempt to get kali back in working order as well.