View Full Version : Installing Kali Linux on a Dell Latitude D600?

2013-06-26, 11:35
Hi there all I need help in installing Kali linux onto a Dell Latitude D600. When i install it onto the hard drive it gives me an error in the installation processes the error is (grub-pc cannot install into /target/) could any one assist me here please. How can i get it installed onto the laptop?

2013-06-26, 16:59
Ah the D600, I had that for my college years. A really great computer for its time. Not sure what is causing the issue. But try some of these steps: Remove all peripherals is possible (I've read this error could be caused by some USB device), maybe try installing from a dvd instead of a USB (if you are doing that way).
Also could you let us know a little bit more about your setup, are you going for a dual boot system, what does your partition table look like (fdisk -l)?

2013-07-29, 08:44
Thanks it worked.