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2013-06-30, 14:52
Hello, I'm new to this forum. I am French translation then just google translation.
I recently installed Kali and I have a problem I hope you can help me.

When I use on my local network metasploit or social engineering toolkit (SET), and I want to enter my IP address in the browser of the target computer, it does not work. In fact, it works on my browser on my computer. I searched on google similar post I had read that enable IP forwarding ... but it still does not work.

Could you help me please?

I wish you a good weekend.



2013-07-23, 13:21
I am assuming what you are saying here is this (correct me if I am wrong):

1) Your computer on your local network is running Kali with Metasploit/SET.
2) You want to hit a box (that you best own) on an network external to your own.
3) This does not work for you.

OK, well first figure out what your public IP is, then setup port forwarding on your modem. I am not going to explain exactly how this all works but its pretty basic.
Lets say you were at work and wanted to SSH to your home computer that sits behind your home modem. Your home network has the public IP 96.46.XXX.XXX, and your computer inside of your network has non-routable address You would configure your modem to forward any connection that hits your perimeter device or public facing IP on port 22 to your computer with internal address Thus, if from work you attempted to SSH to your network, it would automatically reroute to your computer with IP

If this does not make sense to you then read up on networking. Also, assuming I understood you correctly and this is to hit an external box, make sure you own the box you are hitting. In the case of a website you would forward 80 (most likely).