View Full Version : network adapter fails to detect/install

2013-07-01, 19:46
I am installing from USB onto a Surface Pro, and during installation the network is failing to be detected. I believe it is a Marvell adapter, and have downloaded the Linux drivers (install_v10.61.3.3.tar) onto another USB drive. During install, (again when it failed), I selected Marvell drivers (no output/failure), so I selected the last option which allowed me to insert the USB stick with the drivers. The install failed to recognize any drivers.
Does anyone know if this is the correct version of driver, or how I can install?

2013-09-27, 17:43
You ever get the surface pro wifi drivers working? I can get basic wireless working with the mwifiex drivers on mlan0 but no monitor mode. Chipset is Marvell 88W8797. Anybody ever get monitor mode working on this chipset?

2013-12-28, 04:34
took a few hours of digging but I was able to get the marvell adapter in the surface pro working with the mwifiex driver as well. I had to find the firmware in marvell's git repo (usb8797_uapsta.bin) and put it in /lib/firmware/mrvl.