View Full Version : binwalk error when 'sudo apt-get install kali-linux' to ARM device

2013-07-11, 00:33
Hi guys, so i had Kali installed as a chroot on my SGS4...but after switching roms I am now unable to install all kali tools. Unfortunately the 'Linux Deploy' app on the play store just installs the main OS, all the tools are up to you to install. Luckily, 'sudo apt-get install kali-linux' does work! buuut it throws an error. Says that 'binwalk' is not installed and depends on 'forgot-the-name-of-it'. I've downloaded binwalk 1.2.1 from the code.google.com site...and tried to use the python installer...but even that throws an error and states that 'setup.py' could not be found...even though its in the same directory as the file i'd just ran. Sort of confused...actually, very confused at this point. Anybody know what I could try? Let me know if you need at hardware or software information from my device. Thanks!

2013-07-11, 00:54
Not sure about the rest, as I haven't done an ARM install (speaking of, this should probably be in the ARM section of the forums..) but as for 'setup.py' could not be found; are you typing './setup.py' without quotes from that directory? If you're just typing 'setup.py' it will be looking for it in PATH rather than in the current directory. In saying that, if binwalk has the dependency 'forgot-the-name-of-it', you might need to install whatever that package is first. Hope that at least helps a little bit.

2013-07-11, 00:59
i do appreciate it, but the file i initially ran was called 'debian_quick_install.sh' making sure to use ' ./ ' before it, then it threw the setup.py error, which was in the same directory as the debian_quick_install.sh file. I do apologize for putting this in the wrong place, but i had replied to a topic under that forum and didnt want to make it look somewhat like a double post :/ if i figure it out i'll post the solution :)

2013-07-11, 16:32
Try to see if the file has "execution permissions". if not, create the permission with chmod.

Make sure that python and python dependencies needed to ijnstall binwalk are installed: aptitude show "python packages"

Also make sure to install linux headers if not installed and build-essential package, just in case.

2013-07-17, 08:06
looks like it was an error with Linux Deploy itself...they did an update today, afterwards i gave the install a shot, works like a charm :) I do appreciate the ideas though!