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2013-07-11, 12:47
This may be somewhat of an odd question but bear with me. I am utilizing Nexpose for a vulnerability scan, with an odd sort of twist. Essentially, I need to install the Nexpose Scan Engine on a Kali VM that will be in one location, behind and IDS/IPS and Firewall, and the Nexpose Console will be located at a different location, separated over the internet. What I need to do is tunnel the scan engine to the Nexpose Console and pair the two together so that I can select the remote scan engine for the vulnerability scanning, and the perform a pentest based on the findings (I would prefer to skip the vuln scan but it is a requirement). I have successfully created a reverse ssh tunnel between the Kali VM and my remote system, so that part is fine. However, the challenge I am facing is getting the scan engine to tunnel to the Nexpose console. This is not a Nexpose specific question but more a question about tunneling in this very specific manner. I have done some reading on stunnel and that seems as though it may be a viable option. Has anyone any experience using stunnel for a similar sort of thing? Any help would be appreciated, or any ideas welcome.

One Note*
1) I cannot install the Nexpose Scan Engine and Console on the VM so that option is out.

2013-07-22, 17:35
I am an idiot and solved my problem simply using ssh reverse tunneling and transparent hops. Sorry for the question in the first place, I over complicated it (its been a long few weeks).