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2013-07-12, 13:27
After many years of absorbing information, how to's, and knowledge from the security community, I'm finally giving back. I've created a python script that will take a wordlist, parse through it, and will spit out a new wordlist based on options chosen by the end user. I've tried to include as many "transformation" options as possible.

You can download it, use it, and distribute it freely, I just ask you give credit and acknowledge the work I've done. I'm also interested in getting feedback on features you'd like to see or on things that could be implemented differently. Again, the goal of the project was to give the end user as many transformation options as possible.

You can find the script here:


The script WILL need to be installed. Brief installation instructions are in the README.txt file. Depending on options given to setup.py, the default location for the final wlc.py script will be /usr/local/bin



2013-07-21, 05:21
Added an option to make an e-mail wordlist for social engineering engagements or email harvesting engagements. I recommend having a firstname list and a lastname wordlist to be most beneficial.

git clone https://github.com/blu3gl0w13/wordlistconverter-1.1

2013-12-11, 20:35
Added some colorization, hashing options, renamed the repo for easier use and scalability, added installers for specific OS's, and included some pre-made wordlists (including a first name and last name list).

New Install:

cd /opt

git clone https://github.com/blu3gl0w13/wordlistconverter

cd wordlistconverter


Update Only

git pull https://github.com/blu3gl0w13/wordlistconverter




2013-12-12, 15:26
Thank you, Blu3ggl0w13. I will try it out.

2014-12-10, 03:54
Ok, it's been a year since the last update. I apologize, work got crazy… anyways, version 1.1.3 is up. I fixed a pretty bad coding error on my part when processing more than one wordlist. I also added functionality to create a username wordlist, and adjusted the hashing functionality to store the hash in the following format: "password:hash" for easier lookup. As always, send me any bugs you find or any ideas for improvement.


2015-03-24, 12:18
Someone Help me , is their any Tool using which i can Filter word according to Their Length. Like from an Wordlist/Dictionary file i want to separate those words whose Length is 8. So how do this ?? how i separate only 8 characters words from Dictionary ??

2015-03-24, 18:37
This command from BMO blog is showing that being done with the rockyou.txt wordlist.

cat rockyou.txt | sort | uniq | pw-inspector -m 8 -M 63 > newrockyou.txt