View Full Version : Alfa AWUS036H on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

2013-07-17, 16:06
I recently put Kali linux on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and was disappointed when I couldn't go into monitor mode on the device's wireless card. So I decided to try to hook up my Alfa AWUS036H to the tablet. I have used the Alfa with my Kali VM with no trouble whatsoever, but when I plugged the card into my tablet, it does not interface. The green light on the Alfa lights up, which leads me to believe that the power is on and is successfully connected, so I am wondering if it is a driver problem. I am using the Samsung connection kit to hook up the Alfa's USB connector to my tablet, as seen here http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Connection-Galaxy-10-1-10-v/dp/B005O252GG/ref=pd_sim_pc_7. I am not the most experienced linux user so I apologize if the solution is obvious.

2013-08-08, 07:15
Arm builds are a little different than x86, the kernels by default are not built to support such a wide range of devices. I'm not sure if your kernel is built to support your adapter but, plug it in, open a terminal, and run "ifconfig wlan1 up" to see if it brings the interface up. If not you'll just need to recompile the kernel with rtl8187 support. I compiled a nexus 7 kernel that supports rtl8187 and ath9k, it works just fine.

2013-08-08, 08:48
probably the same issue we have here : http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?18146-wireless-not-showing-when-iwconfig-on-latest-1-0-4-on-rpi

2013-10-26, 15:04
Were you able to get your AWUS036H working while running a native kali install? I am currently only able to see it with lsusb. dmesg also currently shows multiple errors once mine is plugged in.

2014-07-01, 17:05
i have a different . does kali linux work in dual boot on samsung note 10.1 which i can run the kali os and the note android os ?