View Full Version : Kali architecture installation

2013-07-21, 03:52
Hello again, I am pretty new to this community and I did search before posting this thread and did not find a sufficient answer. I may have missed the thread if someone already answered this question, if I did the I apologize.

I wanted to know what is the difference between the architecture types in the Kali download section.
There are 4 different ones:


What is the difference and where can I read on it in depth?
Also, where can is the best place to read on Kali within this website so I can learn at least the basics I need to know in order not to ask these type of questions.


So I figured that i386 = 32bit (X86)
And that amd64 = 64bit
It made sense , but what are the other two?
I can guess but I want to be sure.

Backtrack had even more options when you download it, just wanted to set this straight.