View Full Version : every install stuck in tty and gdm wont run

2013-07-24, 22:06
So fresh off my live flash every single install I make boots into tty terminal with root login. I've tried different images, versions, writing programs, everything. I'm finally giving up on my Google search after a few days. Any help...? I had it working fine for a few days before I reinstalled it and no Kali dist works now. Mint boots fine. Just Kali. Bleh. Its on an Acer netbook with Intel core.
When I try running gdm3 I get: couldn't connect to system bus: failed to connect to socket /var/run/dB us/system_bus_socket:no such file or directory.
Gnome-open gives me a no dB us daemon error. Unable to auto launch without $display for x11