View Full Version : tips for those who want to have ssh on their rpi on 1.0.4

2013-07-29, 07:00
after checking the bug page for something else, I found http://bugs.kali.org/view.php?id=464

This is very simple assuming you have a monitor. If you don't, just try to type as follow :

first wait 5 minutes to let the rpi to boot properly.

you will be prompted for the username and password.

root [ENTER]
toor [ENTER]

then you want to install the ssh package :

apt-get install ssh -y [ENTER]
wait at least 5 minutes if you don't have a screen plugged

then :
update-rc.d ssh enable [ENTER]

wait 10 seconds, then :

reboot [ENTER]

you should be good for the glory and power.

I did not tried without a screen those command, but that's what i did first to get ssh working on my rpi.

2013-07-30, 05:59
Those steps are fine and dandy...but I think that whomever built the Pi image should rebuild it with (at the very least) serial enabled in /etc/inittab.

Even though the Pi comes with HDMI, it is not standard nor common to have a monitor/keyboard connected.

I take this stance for two reasons,
1. the person that build the Pi image took the time to add serial to the boot options, but didn't enable serial in the /etc/inittab file.
2. All previous versions were built with both SSH and Serial enabled, so why was 1.0.4 different?

I attempted to build a custom image but the instructions for doing so seem to be missing something, as all 3 attempts to build my own image won't boot - (each attempt was done fresh, and done from a Kali VM).

Jeff (aka gvibe06, the bug 464 owner)