View Full Version : Samsung Chromebook Module Lock Issues

2013-07-29, 19:01
I've done my fair amount of research on the forums as well as my required google-fu and I seem to have run into an issue that doesn't pop up very often. I've picked up one of the newer Samsung Chromebooks (Exynos 5250) for the sole purpose of dropping Kali on it. I pull down the image, burn it to an SD card, fix the partitions, etc. without any issues. It boots into Kali on the first try and I think I'm cooking with gas. I knew there would be issues getting the wireless working but was a bit surprised to see that the interface wasn't even recognized. I then realized a lot of stuff wasn't recognized. Doing 'lsmod' shows no modules loaded, and doing a modprobe gives me errors. It seems like I don't have permissions to load any modules. Looking into the kernel build guides it seems like I need to get the lsm.module_locking=0 option setup in my kernel config. Anyone run into this issue before? If so, any stupid/simple fixes? I wanted to have this ready for DefCon...

2013-09-01, 03:14
I'm having a similar problem. I can't get usb flash drives to work within it or get any files from the outside in without wireless access. I can't get my drivers into kali to install my Alfa wireless adapter. I'm dead in the water..

Please advise.