View Full Version : ?Q about vmimage download

2013-07-29, 19:32
I normally do the iso and build my VM's, there are lot's of discussions about that, but I tried the download of pae386 VMware image? I am not great in Linux, but learning more everyday. Normally I would unzip or uncompress, but that pretty much let me know where.

What are you to do with the VMware image they give you to get the vmdk files? I have looked for this on the web with no luck, most talk about using the iso, but if they have one already created, I would just use it if I can get it unpacked correctly.

any help would be great.

2013-07-30, 05:17
It is a tar.gz file. use tar xvzf <filename> on linux or if you use Windows to unpack, download 7-Zip.

2013-07-30, 14:11
If you already have 7-zip on linux, you can extract tar.gz file easily as on Windows. if you don't use the tar command.

then use the vmdk files with VMWare.