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2013-08-06, 17:33
hello i have downloaded kali-linux version l.0 Architecture:i386 image type: iso Download type: direct , and burnt it to a 4 gb dvd rw after i had formatted the media.

Then on my toshiba satellite c855d-s5209 , i booted dban to erase windows 7, and all of my hard drive.
Then i put the dvd with kali- linux in the computer.

Then the kali linux boot menu shows up it says

live (686-pae)
live (686-pae fail safe)
Live (forensic mode)
Graphical install
install with speech synthesis

I then clicked graphical install in starts up but then when it says detect hardware, it freezes every time. then i try just install, it freezes on the same point . i then try live (686-pae failsafe) its say boot failed! this debian live image failed to boot. Please file a bug against the live-boot package.
the error message was: unable to find a medium containing a live file system.
( 107.902809) uhci_hcd: usb universal host controller interface driver
(107.906445) usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhib
(107.906503) usbhid: usb hid core driver

2013-08-07, 12:47
Are you certain the image you downloaded isn't corrupt. Did you perform a sha hash check?

2013-08-09, 15:29
Recheck the SHA-1 of your download.

Try burning the dvd with lowest speed possible.

If you can, try the USB install.

2013-12-11, 05:11
Same problem here...
USB ISO running off Unetbootin - live disk
Hash check is fine
Tested on 3 PCs - netbook, laptop and tower - same error for the monitor
3 different monitors
Partitioning of usb stick is MBR
Boot menu works fine and shows the 5 options. Selecting default ends in the display error