View Full Version : Live usb throws isolinux.bin missing error

2013-08-07, 22:36
I used sudo dd as per instructions on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to create a live USB. Everything appeared to work until I tried to use it and it threw that above mentioned error. Anyone have any thoughts on why this is? I never encountered this error, or indeed any problems at all, using unetbootin.

Having followed instructions as far as I know them, I do not know what I am doing wrong. I have been using Linux for about seven years so not a total noob.

Any help would be great, cause as it stands I give up.

2013-08-09, 15:24
Re-do the USB stick (use fdisk command) to recreate the whole filesystem and then try again the dd command.

You can also use the badblocks command to see if any problem with bad blocks in your USB stick : badblocks /dev/sdxx

If you want, use the verbose parameter to see more details : badblocks -v /dev/sdxx

Keep in mind that USB pendrive might be with issues (damaged in some point).