View Full Version : Unable to locate package” errors for all software

2013-08-09, 09:43
hi , im newbie so please be patient to help me .
i have some problem when i want to install software .
for example i try to install jockey gtk

sudo apt-get install jockey-gtk
Reading package lists... done
building dependency tree
reading state information... done
E:Unable to locate package jockey-gtk

and it happen to all software , when i trying to install wireless driver , kernel , even flash player!!

can somebody help me?
im very frustation .
im using kali linux 64bit

2013-08-09, 09:57
Have you seen this page? http://docs.kali.org/general-use/kali-linux-sources-list-repositories
Are your repo's okay?

2013-08-09, 15:02
Do you have a proxy?

2013-08-09, 20:25
Check your repo's as mentioned by g0tmi1k
cat /etc/apt/sources.list and compare them to the one's in the documentation.

Don't forget to do a apt-get update when your repo's are fixed.

2015-10-09, 13:27
i have the same issue, i dont have anything in my source list. i also dont know how to actually use the repositories they show. im a linux/kali noob, and i can and will appreciate any help i can get