View Full Version : Kali 1.0.4 will not boot/show video on Raspberry Pi model B

2013-09-03, 17:57
Hello everyone,

I am not able to get Kali 1.0.4 to boot/show video on my new Raspberry Pi. I have tried various methods of putting the image onto the SD Card to no avail. I simply get a flashing pwr light. I know that the SD card and the Raspberry are working because I can image the SD card with Debian Wheezy for Raspberry and it boots just fine with HDMI video.

My SD card is a Class 10 Kingston 8GB card. SD10G3/8GB

The methods I have used to place the image onto the SD card are thus:
1. Used Win32DiskImager (after using 7Zip to extract the image from the archive) :: No boot
2. Used DD from within Linux after using 'unxz' to extract the image from the .xz archive :: No boot
3. Used DD from Linux to place image on card after using 7Zip on my Win 7 box to extract the image and then transferring it over to the Linux machine for DD.

I have also updated the raspberry firmware files on the image per another post to no avail.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

2013-09-04, 15:04