View Full Version : Kali on a zune HD

2013-09-04, 21:42
now that ARM processors are supported with Kali i was wondering if its possible for me to run it off of my 16 GB Zune HD.

it has enough disk space, ARM7 processor, Tegra graphics; my issue is that it only has 128 MB of ram. i cant find any documentation on what minimum specifications Kali has, and none of the devices mentioned on the site have less than 256 MB of ram.

Even if this seems like a dumb question I've looked everywhere with no luck. can someone shed some light on this for me?

if it is possible I'll use this thread to post results and information on my findings

2013-09-10, 16:17
sorry for the double post but i still have no in-site on whether or not this is plausible. a few of my teachers say they have seen Debian based systems run off of 128 mb of ram but even they are not sure it will run.

again, can anyone provide an answer to whether or not Kali will run on 128 MB of ram if it meets all other specifications? (im looking at you Dev's haha)

2013-09-26, 03:47
Not possible. No driver support, no bootloader support, just plain no support.

2013-09-26, 16:28
thanks for your reply, i guess its just not worth the time to try