View Full Version : Install wireless drivers on an offline RPi - make error

2013-09-09, 04:09

I've been looking for a solution somewhere on the internet but I can't find anything and i'm pretty sure it's just a little stupid problem.

Hardware: RPi model B
Soft: Kali Linux 1.0.5

I'm starting from a new fresh install I made from OSX. I am not very familiar with Linux but I have used a lot BackTrack 5 which had a more complete build and worked like a charm out of the box

Here's what I got:
I've found the Linux drivers of my alfa wireless card and had it unzipped on my desktop.
When I try to make && make --install, it stops at make returning error code 2 (no such file or directory). It's looking for "build" file.


I've looked into the directory and (in both builds 1.0 & 1.0.5) Build File is a boken link to "~/kernel/raspberrypi" directory/file.

I do not have access to internet on my RPi as I do not have a wired connection available, i'm sharing internet over a wireless with my neighbour.

If here is any other way I can get my wireless card working on my RPi, I could update everything else / install new packages more easily
There must be a way to install something without an internet connection...