View Full Version : WiFi Pineapple like with Raspbbery Pi and Kali - Slow speed

2013-09-21, 10:48
Hi all,

Since hakshop.com does not ship to my country I decided to make my own WiFi pineapple. I wrote following two scripts


echo Creating Bridge
brctl addbr BR1
echo Setting bridge ip and up the interface
ifconfig BR1 up
echo Adding eth0 to bridge
brctl addif BR1 eth0

echo Start wireless interface in monitoring mode
airmon-ng start wlan0
echo Start accepting probes
airbase-ng -P -C 30 -v mon0

Running the second script in another terminal since the first one is busy with airbase-ng


echo Adding wireless interface to Bridge
ifconfig at0 up
brctl addif BR1 at0

This all works great. However, throughput of this is not greater than 500kbit/s. I believe that a 700 Mhz cpu should easily handle this throughput.

Do you guys have any idea about why I am getting so low speeds?

2013-09-23, 20:46
I think this is what you called "the quieter you become the more you are able to hear" thich meand " I read the thread but I am so lazy to give you a reply"