View Full Version : Installer hangs on Language Selection screen in text and graphical install (USB)

2013-04-12, 01:24
Hi all,

I've searched for every installation hang post and nothing seems to cover my specific situation.

I downloaded the ISO, used dd to copy it to my USB, restarted my PC and selected the USB from the boot menu.

The KALI LINUX grub boot menu appears with Live, Install, Graphical Install, Advanced, etc. options.

I select either the Install or Graphical Install and it takes me to the Language Selection with English highlighted and simply hangs. No response from the keyboard or anything else.

Selecting the Live option loads Kali perfectly (I was hoping to find a Installer from there but I couldn't find anything).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


2013-04-15, 03:51
Is this a clean drive or one with a previous OS installed?

Also you might want to try using Universal USB Installer to create the USB I was having some hit or miss issues when installing from USB

2013-04-16, 05:28
Its possible that some hardware may be messing with the install. Try disconnecting any external devices if possible, and please remember USB installer will not work by default, will need some adjustments. Win32Disk imager is the recommend way to make a USB, though dd should work well too.

Edit* I just read its been upgraded to support Kali. My bad.