View Full Version : Write RaspberryPi Image to Sd Karte doesent work

2013-09-25, 10:26
•Kali Version 1.0.5
•Kali Architecture (32 bit, 64 bit, arm, armel) arm
•Specific hardware models you are having trouble with (if relevant) RaspberryPi Model B
•Any visible error messages you are getting. No
•Any additional relevant logs and information as described in the Kali Troubleshooting documentation

Ich Have Donwload the File for the RPI


I Write it with DD dd if=kali-linux-1.0.5-armel-rpi.img.xz of=/dev/mmcbk0 bs=512k

It doesent Work

I think i make a mistake

anybody Help THX

2013-09-27, 18:41
Try this
1. Extract the .xz to get unzipped img file (you will have to find an extractor that supports zx extension);
2. Run sudo before dd command if you are not logged as root;
3. Make sure the path of your output file is correct. Most likely it will look like /dev/sdx in linux or /dev/diskX in OSX
In osx you might want to use rdiskX instead or diskX to get faster writing;
4. Make sure you enter the complete path of your input file. Or cd the directory of the file;
5. Make sure there is No other thread like this before posting a question.

2013-09-28, 16:13
NVM sorry missread this.