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2013-10-01, 19:19
This is an advanced tutorial on how to sucessfully mix kali and jessie repos, it assumes the reader has quite a detailed knowlege
of apt dpkg and aptitude, if you are not fully versed in debian package management please do not read on.

Kali is wheezy with a quite extensive git overlay, our mission in this tutorial is to bring some of the packages to jessie versions
WITHOUT affecting any of the functionality of the installed kali git packages.

A tall order ?, well yes!
why ?
cos i can :)

No but seariously, if you are just interested in pentesting alone then there is very little point in doing this,
keep kali as standard as possible, then at least you can garantee that none of the kali packages will bresk.

I on the other hand also need my linux box for c/c++ , android dev, working on a chroot of archlinux, and i would like to run the latest versions
of cinnamon ( 1.9 in the git ) and compiz (0.9.10 from ubuntu saucy ), for all of these one really needs a lot of the newer binaries available in jessie.

Updating kali ...................
1) go here http://debgen.simplylinux.ch/ and sort yourself a local debian jessie ( unstable ) sources.list entry
2) fire up aptitude, do a <ctrl - t> < u > to update, you will have a list of upgradable packages at the top
3) go to the admin section and start there, update all the "base" linux packages, if you dont know what "base" means have a look here http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/development/chapter03/packages.html
that should give you a good idea of what "base" packages are all about
4) when you get to a package and a red bar comes up at the bottom you have hit a package conflict hit < e > to examin the conflict < . > and < , > navigate you through possible resolutions
pick the correct resolution and proceed to the next package, in that way update all the base packages
5) now update all the gnome components to 3.8
6) now the xserver stack and messa stack
7) now admin section
8) now python and associated plugins
9) DO NOT update anything that mentions networks in any way ( kerbos, apache etc etc ) in fact avoid the whole internet section
10) DO NOT update ANYTHING perl or perl related
11) DO NOT update anything with "kali" in the version name
12 ) update the rest paying close attention to steps 9 10 and 11
13) then use aaa-kali-pkg-check from my toolset to check you have not accidently upgraded something you should not have.

this is a bunch of scripts i developed to make life easier
aaa-kali-pkg-check....... no arguments............ checks all installed packages for alternate kali versions ( those with kali in the version string ) then interactivly lets you downgrade to the correct version
( pretty proud of that one developed it myself from scratch )
aaa-get-build-deps....... optional argument <package name> .... <package name> ....... checks for and interactivly install build deps for LOCAL ie on hd, debian package,
so you can install all deps for example git versions of deb packages. Since its designed for kali/unstable mix its very conservative about
package installation with lots of checks.
aaa-build-cinnamon.........no arguments....... this one downloads all the cinnamon components from git, checks for and installs build deps, builds all the packages and installs them in order,
it can be used to install or update cinnamon git, currently icinnamon-git is at 1.9 and F***in beautiful, it is what i am writing on now. ( on a kali-jessie box obviously )
It also applies a patch i developed for nemo, that removes the annoying " you are running as root" warning at the bottom

copy all the scripts to /usr/bin , make em all executable
copy dir aaa to /usr/share ( thats where the patch is )

everything should work :)

to come.....
compiz 0.9.10
edit........ cuda 5 already covered in another post

2013-10-02, 08:15
a great job:) Jubei and especially thank you for the useful scripts was wondering if you do not mind if I use a problrma some of your script to create a small script to install the old version of compiz? (if you would like to ask some help you can install the gnome shell backtrack 5 r3 of kali?'d love gnome 2 is not emulated with cinnamon)

2013-10-02, 09:52
yes sure use the code however you want :)
If your looking for the gnome2 look and feel look at MATE
it should be ok on a straight kali box without a jessie update, the project is mainly using older libs.
but if you read through this http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=658783 you will find out why its not in the standard repo's
the debian people are right, it is a bit of a mess :)
You can use some of the mate components ( mate panel etc ) and compiz as the WM, thats quite good.
But at the end of the day if your using gnome apps you are pulling in all the gnome dependencies , from gsettings to pulseaudio, So i agree
with the debian maintainers

"MATE introduces a lot of code duplication, which is considered bad in
Debian, and is based on obsolete technologies - not just GTK2, which
will of course remain for a long time, but also things like Bonobo which
very few people really understand, and which are the cause of a lot of
not-well-understood bugs.

For these reasons I object to having MATE in Debian. OTOH I invite you
to contribute to GNOME 3 packaging to make it look great and fix
remaining regressions.
I am of course not the one to decide whether your packages can be
accepted; the FTP masters will."

2013-10-08, 11:04
This is a updated version of aaa-build-cinnamon ( presented in the last post ),
Its now quite advanced and used pbuilder to do all the building and dependency resolution within a safe chroot


what it does..

Setup a custom tmpfs dir with associated fstab entry ( building in ram is way faster and saves trashing your HDD )
Setup pbuilder
Setup a custom local apt repo
Setup a bunch of repo tools
Download the cinnamon gits
Build each in order using pbuilder
Put all the packages in your custom repo

the latest code can now be found here https://github.com/Jubei-Mitsuyoshi/KALI-JESSIE

but have posted a snapshot for those not comfortable with git

2013-10-09, 15:00
I found the system at the end :) now kali and very similar to backtrack a bit of chaos, but there I did cmq thanks for the help but I went to an alternative :) Jubei then I have a question why do you prefer to bring wheezy to jessie as a distribution base?What is the difference

2013-10-12, 08:34
One reason is that i enjoy cinnamon http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/ and want to use the git version ( cinnamon 1.9), i believe it is the best desktop out there.
THe same with compiz
The more recent gnome sub-components (3.8) are much better, in fact a lot of stuff has been improved in jessie.
And i like a lot of ubuntu utils, which almost all need a newer libc6 which is in jessie